Market snapshot

Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the most recent Pitkin County transaction records.


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Built in 1890, this West End home offers seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Located at 124 W. Hallam St., the deck features mountain views.



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This two-bedroom condo offers easy access to the Snowmass Mall, hiking trails and shopping.


Real Estate Transactions Recorded Oct. 4 - Oct. 10, 2020

Grantor: Collins, Cinda Trust; Johnson, Eric; Collins, Cinda J Trustee

Grantee: Kelly, Brian

Property: Victorians at Bleeker B

Cost: $3,100,000

Grantor: 6890 E Sopris (Snowmass) SG LLC

Grantee: McGrath, Peter; Fox, Janet

Property: 3-4 9 86; 33-34 8 86

Cost: $2,300,000

Grantor: Richard B Buckley Family Limited Partnership; Buckley, Richard B LP

Grantee: Corner Horizons LLC

Property: Crestwood 305 G

Cost: $510,500

Grantor: Bedrossian, Edward H Jr

Grantee: McCready, Ellen; McCready. Eric

Property: Melton Ranch I 15

Cost: $1,200,000

Grantor: Brady, Brian Patrick; Brady, Martha

Grantee: Messer, Michael; Messer, Linda; Henry, David; Henry, Cindy

Property: Residence Interest No 6 Aspen Highlands Condo 2310

Cost: $35,500

Grantor: Haydock, Elaine M Trust; Haydock, Elaine M Trustee; Haydock, Roger S

Grantee: As Matthews Nominees Pty Ltd Trustee; Vasileff Lisa Property Settlement; Lisa Vasileff Property Settlement; Vasileff Lisa Trust

Property: Fixed Week 10 & Floating Weeks G A Resort 36

Cost: $132,500

Grantor: Haney Development Company LLC

Grantee: Snow Owl 33 Trust

Property: Penthouse Mill Building D

Cost: $6,750,000

Grantor: Phillips, Leslie Legendre

Grantee: Davies, Iain

Property: Columbines at Elk Run 201 2

Cost: $589,000

Grantor: Binder, Sharon R Trust; Binder, Sharon R Trustee

Grantee: Overway, Chad Trust; Montague, Jeanne Trust

Property: Sopris Suite 1/6th Interest Club Suites at Roaring Fork Club C

Cost: $155,000

Grantor: Deep White Inc

Grantee: Big Sky 723 LLC

Property: Woodrun Place 20 III

Cost: $720,000

Grantor: Springwater Farms

Grantee: Snowmass 143 LLC

Property: Interval Interest B Sanctuary at Snowmass 143

Cost: $155,000

Grantor: Nolen, Christine; Quigley, John L

Grantee: Umansky, Michael; Umansky, Laura

Property: Horse Ranch 22

Cost: $2,695,000

Grantor: Wickert, Jill A Trust; Wickert, Jill Ann Trustee

Grantee: Smith, Wendy M Trust; Smith, Wendy M Trustee

Property: Villa of Aspen 36

Cost: $3,700,000

Grantor: Pensco Trust Custodian; Pendley, Patrick W IRA FBO; Pendley, Patrick W

Grantee: Rocky Mountain High LLC

Property: Club Interest B2-VI Timbers Club at Snowmass B2

Cost: $300,000

Grantor: Handler, Steven P; Koran, Janet M

Grantee: Freckled Whiskey Properties LLC

Property: Enclave 213

Cost: $972,500

Grantor: McCutchin, Tracy L

Grantee: Aspen Pad LLC

Property: Riverside Condo 2

Cost: $1,785,000

Grantor: Restivo, Charles W M

Grantee: Brooks, Scott K; Brooks, Michelle a

Property: 22 8 87 W2 West Sopris Ranch 8

Cost: $425,000

Grantor: Borlenghi, Giorgio

Grantee: Toothaker, Kathleen L

Property: Ridgerun II 2

Cost: $3,190,000

Grantor: Clark, Robert Trust; Miles, Toni R Trust; Clark, Robert Dean Trustee; Miles, Toni R Trustee

Grantee: Novo, Guillermo; Novo, Marie C

Property: Woodrun I 107

Cost: $6,750,000

Grantor: Kaufman, Sylvia C

Grantee: Aspen Ridge LLC

Property: Ridge of Red Mountain 1

Cost: $7,425,000

Grantor: Slaymaker Robert T Trust; Slaymaker Claire C Trust; Slaymaker Robert T Trustee; Slaymaker Claire C Trustee

Grantee: Waller, Ellis Parker JR; Waller Brijetta Hall

Property: Ridgerun I 52

Cost: $3,325,000

Grantor: Ashcroft LLC

Grantee: Mycoskie, Paige Anne

Property: 19-20 11 84 HES 95; 29-30 11 84 HES 95; WTS Cabin Partners/Mceuen Sub Exemption

Cost: $4,500,000

Grantor: McFeeley, Patrick J III Trust; McFeeley, Patrick J III Trustee

Grantee: Lewis, Elaine Z Trust; Lewis, Wade J Trust

Property: ClubL Interest A7-V Timbers Club at Snowmass

Cost: $335,000

Grantor: Leven, Michael Trust; Leven, Andrea Trust

Grantee: Tonti, Robert J

Property: Fixed Week 27 & Floating Weeks G A Resort 21 Fixed Week 28 & Floating Weeks G

A Resort 21 Fixed Week 29 & Floating Weeks G A Resort 21 Fixed Week 30 & Floating Weeks G

A Resort 21 Fixed Week 31 & Floating Weeks G A Resort 21

Cost: $753,000

Grantor: Warren Fir LLC; David Fir LLC; Warren Redwood LLC; David Redwood LLC

Grantee: McLovin Aspen LLC

Property: Aspen Grove 3 14; Aspen Grove 15

Cost: $6,000,000

Grantor: Zalk, Anna P

Grantee: Surloff, Howard

Property: Residence Interest No. 5 Aspen Highlands Condo 8209

Cost: $57,500

Grantor: Hallam LLC

Grantee: Silver Inn LLC

Property: Aspen City of 65 A Part of Aspen City of 65

Cost: $12,300,000

Grantor: 718 S Mills Number 6 LLC

Grantee: FH West LLC

Property: Fasching Haus 6

Cost: $2,625,000

Grantor: 308 Aspen Holding Company LLC

Grantee: Lemkin, Todd Trust; Lemkin, Kasey Trust

Property: Nolan Lot Split 2

Cost: $22,995,000

Grantor: Brostek, Hollie Trustee; WIA Consultants Inc 401k

Grantee: Leviton, Allison

Property: Residence Interest No. 10 Aspen Highlands Condo 8403

Cost: $10,952

Grantor: Naylor, Irvin S Trust; Naylor, Irvin S Trustee

Grantee: Beecker Aspen 3A LLC

Property: North of Nell 3A

Cost: $3,900,000

Grantor: Vonderhost, Kyle

Grantee: Ives, Ray

Property: Little Creek Village 1 35

Cost: $874,000

Grantor: Gilman, Peter

Grantee: Foster, Jacqueline Elizabeth

Property: Lazy Glen 32

Cost: $219,000

Grantor: Figler, Susan Anderson

Grantee: OCallaghan, Joseph Cecil; Garrett, Kelly Simmons

Property: Aspen Village 56

Cost: $400,000

Grantor: GreenAspen LLC

Grantee: Corbett, Richard J; Corbett, Jillian F

Property: Garet 6

Cost: $3,647,000

Grantor: Pensco Trust Company; Roth, Austin Stitt FBO

Grantee: Little, William; Halfert, Sara M

Property: Brush Creek Village 6 1 2

Cost: $690,000

Grantor: Zenith Partners 251 LLC; Zenith Partners-251 LLC

Grantee: Scott, Colleen

Property: Meadow Ranch D1

Cost: $875,000