Market snapshot

Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the most recent Pitkin County transaction records.


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Built in 2006, this Snowmass home (4305 Snowmass Creek Road) offers over 6,600 square feet of living space with five bedrooms and six full bathrooms.



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This two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo is located within the Villas at Elk Run and is over 1,000 square feet.


Real Estate Transactions Recorded, Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2020

Grantor: Stovitz Trust; Stovitz, Kenneth Trustee; Stovtiz, Laura Trust

Grantee: 263 Park Avenue LLC

Property: Park Dale 2

Cost: $11,750,000

Grantor: Ippolito Trust; Ippolito, Vincent Trustee

Grantee: Adelsheimer, Gregg; Adelsheimer, Pamela

Property: Residence Interest No. 12 Aspen Highlands Condo 8105

Cost: $35,000

Grantor: Bennington, Thomas H III

Grantee: Finch, Hayley E; House, Nancy J

Property: Villas at Elk Run 4204

Cost: $458,000

Grantor: Gentry Family Real Estate LLC

Grantee: Seven Mountain Trust LLC

Property: Deerbrook Townhome B4

Cost: $2,230,000

Grantor: Rogers, James Charles Victor; Rogers, Lisanne Lockyer

Grantee: Broussard, Todd J; Broussard, Lynne B

Property: Residence Interest No. 9 Aspen Highlands Condo 2308

Cost: $21,000

Grantor: Kornreich, James; Kornreich, Meredith

Grantee: JS Bashara Investments LLC

Property: Residence Interest 1 Aspen Highlands Condo 8305

Cost: $70,000

Grantor: Keefe, Joan A Trust; Keefe, Joan A Trustee

Grantee: Miller, Ellen C

Property: Residences st Roaring Fork 201 Garage Unit Residences at Roaring Fork 201

Cost: $930,000

Grantor: Cohen, Ronald

Grantee: Carmody Investments 1 LLC

Property: Interval Interest A Sanctuary at Snowmass 150

Cost: $160,000

Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Chernosky, David J

Property: Burlingame Ranch II Condo 301 335 Paepcke Drive

Cost: $307,652

Grantor: 664 Divide Drive LLC

Grantee: Tacales LLC

Property: Divide 23

Cost: $10,350,000

Grantor: Aspen March LLC

Grantee: 549 Race Alley LLC

Property: Fox Crossings 4-5

Cost: $12,000,000

Grantor: Limenitis LLC

Grantee: Casa De Aspen LLC

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 624; Assay Hill Lodge 13524; Assay Hill Lodge 634; Assay Hill Lodge 13534

Cost: $1,295,000

Grantor: Levinson, Dan B; Levinson, Lynne L

Grantee: 114 Maroon Drive LLC

Property: Pyramid View 4

Cost: $11,150,000

Grantor: Wesson, Patsy C

Grantee: Nassif, Monica; Nassif, David

Property: Horse Ranch 72

Cost: $4,500,000

Grantor: Ellis, James Byron

Grantee: Lift One Rentals LLC

Property: Shadow Mountain Townhomes 7

Cost: $1,500,000

Grantor: Peak, Julie Jo; Hightower, David Wayne

Grantee: RP Aspen LLC

Property: Residence Interest 11 Aspen Highlands Condo 8311

Cost: $40,000

Grantor: Harlee 425 LLC

Grantee: MOMO LLC

Property: Woodrun Place 17 I

Cost: $654,750

Grantor: Remmers Trust; Remmers, Harry E Trustee; Remmers, Marlen K Trustee; Remmers, Marlene K Trustee

Grantee: Batson, John Hayes; Kunin-Batson, Alicia

Property: Redstone 13

Cost: $1,080,000

Grantor: Nevins, Julie

Grantee: Albee Andrew; Newcomb, Christine

Property: Seasons Four 105 B

Cost: $515,000

Grantor: Steven J Dell Trust; Steven J Dell Trustee

Grantee: 238 Aspen LLC

Property: Part of Red Mountain 1 12-13 1 10 85 NE4SE4

Cost: $12,876,750

Grantor: Joben Aspen LLC

Grantee: Alienated Majesty LLC

Property: Turley 2

Cost: $8,725,000

Grantor: Schlanger, Meredith; Schlanger, Daniel

Grantee: Sharps, Lewis S; Sharps, Melanie

Property: Timbers Club at Snowmass S48

Cost: $173,750

Grantor: Sorhage, Steve

Grantee: Purdy, Robert E Jr Trust; Purdy, Karen Trust

Property: Villas at Elk Run 9102

Cost: $475,000

Grantor: Phillippe, Thomas E; Phillipe, Susan Marie

Grantee: Continental Hotel Holdings LLC

Property: Aspen City of 48 D-E

Cost: $12,000,000

Grantor: Eaton Hugh Mccurdy III Trust; Eaton Hugh Mccurdy III Trustee; Eaton Gay Avery Miller Trustee

Grantee: Broderick L G

Property: Aspen Alps North 804

Cost: $4,500,000

Grantor: TAML Holdings LTD

Grantee: Fryklund, Robert; Fryklund, Louise

Property: Goldsmith Townhomes 2

Cost: $4,875,000

Grantor: Gortan, Tiziano; Gortan, Enrica Usseglio

Grantee: Bennett, Eleanor

Property: Mountain River Manor 8

Cost: $535,000

Grantor: Williams, Gary A T

Grantee: Stofko, Adam; Stofko, Alison

Property: Holland Hills 32

Cost: $890,000

Grantor: East Owl Creek Investments LLC

Grantee: Moler, William R Trust

Property: East Owl Creek 2

Cost: $12,500,000

Grantor: Henschel, Jon; Henschel, Rebecca

Grantee: Headwall LLC

Property: Melton Ranch II 37

Cost: $2,400,000

Grantor: Sirkus, Robert; Sirkus, Adriane

Grantee: Wilders LLC

Property: Ridgerun II 12

Cost: $4,350,000

Grantor: Scott, Joseph A

Grantee: Gantman Kathryn Popeil Trust

Property: Starwood 4 R35

Cost: $3,780,000

Grantor: McClintock, Richard; McClintock, Peggy; McClintock Richard G

Grantee: C B R F Properties LLC

Property: 1/2 Interest Roaring Fork Club PUD 1 18, 1/2 Interest

Cost: $2,250,000

Grantor: Craig & Lee Williams Family Partnership LTD

Grantee: Elk Run Ranch Aspen LLC

Property: Davis/Donnelley Lot Split 2

Cost: $17,625,000

Grantor: SV Building 8 Development LLC

Grantee: Caribou Holdings LLC

Property: Club Interest No. 403-2 One Snowmass East 403

Cost: $156,600

Grantor: Nuestro Nido LLC

Grantee: Sirkus, Robert; Sirkus, Adriane

Property: Country Club Townhomes 40

Cost: $3,000,000

Grantor: Bandel, Irmtraut Estate of; Barker, Janice per Rep

Grantee: Boyd, Wes T; Christie, Douglas C

Property: Prince Creek 2 1

Cost: $725,000

Grantor: Buhler, Gina

Grantee: Aspen City of

Property: Aspen Water Treatment Plant & AFF Housing 2

Cost: $205,723.99

Grantor: Jona Capital Inc; Jona Holdings Inc

Grantee: Abelman, Jared

Property: Aspen Square 324

Cost: $945,000

Grantor: Spring Street 304 LLC

Grantee: Speetjens J Karel; Speetjens, Susan B

Property: Obermeyer Place Condo 304 Spring Street

Cost: $5,600,000

Grantor: Malek, Marlene A

Grantee: Aspen March LLC

Property: Pitkin Green 2 13

Cost: $13,950,000

Grantor: CVL Investments LLC

Grantee: Moebius T Tyler

Property: Redstone 15

Cost: $450,000

Grantor: Fleck, Barbara; Fleck, Aaron

Grantee: Safe Harbour Eat VII LLC

Property: Fleck Minor Lot Split 12A

Cost: $2,900,00

Grantor: Atwood, Mike; Atwood, Melissa

Grantee: Hoogenboom, Barbara J; Hoogenboom, David J

Property: 34 8 88 NESW4

Cost: $565,000

Year to Date - Jan. 1 – Oct. 23, 2020*

Total transactions: 279 (up 15%); Total sales volume: 699,035,786

(up 91%); Sales to list price ratio: 95% (no change) Active listings: 661 (up 6%)

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin ­County (residential sales only, compared to the same period last year).