Real Estate Transactions Regretted:

March 24-31, 2019


Grantor: Some local schmo who has to sell

Grantee: Hedge fund guy living in Manhattan

Property: Modest yet well-loved shack on King Street

Cost: $10 million


Grantor: Aspen Mining Co. LLC

Grantee: Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority

Property: Land that should have been used for employee housing but is too valuable

Cost: 5 bazillion dollars


Grantor: WV?#@$$$, LLC

Grantee: Braun-Stapleton-Vagneur-Cerise families trust

Property: Cute property on Owl Creek Road between Aspen and Snowmass

Cost: Enough so the grandchildren won’t ever have to work


Grantor: Interval ownership, Fancy New Snowmass Condos, units #1145

Grantee:  Noisy partiers who you don’t want as neighbors

Property: Overpriced slopeside timeshares

Cost: Way too much for what you get


Grantor: Michael Jordan

Grantee: LeBron James

Property: That house with the underground basketball court

Price: 6 rings


Grantor: Scroogey third-home owner

Grantee: Desperate ski bum

Property: 15-foot length of driveway (space for 1 Subaru with car tent)

Price: You don’t want to know


Grantor: Dogs of Aspen

Grantee: Ikon Pass holder

Property: Sixth seat in the gondola

Price: Some things aren’t for sale