Grantor: Yorktown Management & Financial Services LLC 

Grantee: Kathy J. Ponder

Property: Fasching Haus East 110

Cost: $937,500


Grantor: Snowmass Lane Investments LLC

Grantee: Huebsch Properties LLC

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 507, Assay Hill Lodge 13407

Cost: $247,500


Grantor: Gerald W. Bodzy 

Grantee: Maigin L. Stone, Franz T. Stone V

Property: Capitol Peak Lodge Condo 3310

Cost: $1,100,000


Grantor: Claiborne Kuzmich

Grantee: Jane Graber, Jess Graber, Annie Graber

Property: Villas At Elk Run 8104

Cost: $450,000


Grantor: David J. Segal, Rollin R. Simmons

Grantee: Darren Zemnick

Property: Southside Pud 9 Ii 2

Cost: $810,000


Grantor: Mary Ellen Trainor Zemekis Trust

Grantee:  Stephen Kant  

Property: Interval No 3-99 Snowmass Club Condo 1231

Cost: $80,000


Grantor: Fredric A. Davies, Frances M. A. Davies

Grantee: 848 Willoughby LLC

Property: Pitkin Green 1 8

Cost: $12,100,000


Grantor: South Point Unit 2J LLC

Grantee: Jeffrey S. Singer, Ian R. Silberman 

Property: South Point 2J

Cost: $1,950,000

Grantor: Tigger Bo LLC

Grantee: Stacey Joanna Hill Smith  

Property: 1/8 Fee Ownership Interest Residences At The Little Nell Condo F308

Cost: $1,380,000


Grantor: Luckystar LLC

Grantee: 534 East Hopkins LLC

Property: Conner Cabins & Lofts 534B

Cost: $3,575,000


Grantor: Harold J. Bouillion, Charlene L. Bouillion, Charlene I. Bouillion

Grantee: Arella Vacation Holdings LLC

Property: Residence Interest 6 Aspen Highlands Condo 8412

Cost: $40,000


Grantor: Tcbg Ltd

Grantee: Lisa Gutner Trust

Property: 22 9 86 N2Se4

Cost: $471,000


Grantor: Roger M. Katz Trustee, Roger M. Katz Trust

Grantee: Oakeshott LLC

Property: Premier Weeks Aspen Residence Club & 

Hotel B41

Cost: $210,000


Grantor: City Of Aspen

Grantee: Waqqar Khan-Farooqi, Thea Khan-Farooqi

Property: Burlingame Ranch 1 2 

Cost: $1,300,000


Grantor: Sv Hotel Residences LLC

Grantee: Coast & Mountain Realty LLC

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 825, Assay Hill Lodge 13725

Cost: $712,500