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John C. Osgood was Colorado’s original “Robber Baron.” The founder of the Colorado Fuel Company in 1882, he purchased large swaths of Western Slope land for the mining and production of coal.

Jim Markalunas

Rejoice! Our nightmare is over! Trump is gone! We now have a new President! Rejoice, America! Rejoice!

Carl Heck

To the people who left all your used batteries on the Hopkins Street walking bridge, I hope you have nice photos of the beautiful Roaring Fork river. Don’t worry, I recycled all of your batteries...

Shahin Ebrahimi

Democratic freedom. Blossoming transition. We can now let go of fear. Dear souls, let us look to the future. For our new beginning is here...

Bruno Kirchenwitz

All the liberal letters denigrating Lauren Boebert's 2nd amendment support are mere extensions of Trump Detanglement Syndrome. Gun haters believe limiting law abiding citizens' gun rights will decrease crime...