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Question: If I told you that, for $2.1 million dollars, you could secure ownership of a prime parcel of downtown Aspen commercial real estate, would you consider that possibility too good to be true?

Your mail-in ballot has arrived for this Nov. 2 election. Vote now, vote early or vote in person, but vote yes on question 2A. Your vote is very important because this question requires 60% voter support to pass.

The Isis looks like it’s tanking again. Aspen’s only dedicated movie venue. Can’t make a profit. Rent’s too high. COVID-19. Abandon ship! Venues are important. It could be argued...

Saving Aspen’s Isis movie multiplex back in 2006-07 was a herculean — and underappreciated — effort. At least that’s the way I view it, having…

Aspen’s Isis theater complex has suffered significant economic stress due to the COVID-19 shutdown as well as from ongoing structural changes in the motion picture exhibition business.