The Aspen Skiing Co. has settled a federal lawsuit brought by a New Jersey woman who claimed she was injured in 2015 by a chairlift at the Snowmass Ski Area.

Carol Dennis alleged that she was about to board the Village Express lift on Dec. 5, 2015, when it abruptly stopped. The lift that had just exited the pick-up area swung backward and struck her, the lawsuit said. Dennis “fell and suffered severe harms and losses,” wrote her attorney, Burgess Williams of Denver.

The lawsuit contained claims for premises liability and vicarious liability.

SkiCo “had actual and constructive knowledge of the hazards and/or dangers alleged …,” according to the lawsuit.

In its answer to the lawsuit, the company acknowledged that she fell after contacting the chair but denied wrongdoing. Dennis’ claims should be barred because of “her own comparative negligence or fault,” and by her voluntary assumption of risk, wrote SkiCo’s attorney, Michael Beaver of Denver.

Little happened in the case since the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court.

Both sides stipulated to having the case dismissed, according to an Oct. 19 filing. It was dismissed with prejudice, meaning permanently on those claims, and each side is to pay for its own legal costs.

Efforts to reach the lawyers involved were unsuccessful Friday.